Beyond the Steeple

Sometimes, we have to move beyond the shadows of a steeple to take care of our people. And in so doing, we may just find that God takes care of us, too.

-Thomas Russert


Tuesday Morning Prayer 02.09.2016

Good morning Lord. Welcome Holy Spirit. Thank you for being our portion and strength. Thank you for going ahead of us, to fight on our behalf. You have kept us from dangers seen and unseen. We are grateful. Forgive us for not loving you with our whole hearts. Forgive us for not loving our neighbors as ourselves. Forgive us for  honoring our flesh over being obedient to your commands. Give us the strength,  desire, and willpower to serve you with our entire lives and not just with our lips. Give us clean hearts Father that we may delight in your will and walk in your way. Equip us to fend off the attack of the enemy and to resist temptation. We place our trust and hope in you. Move on our behalf. In Jesus name, Amen.

Enna B