Don’t feel guilty for making a choice – especially if you could never know which option is better


Some people seem to hate making ministry decisions… And not just big decisions, just little decisions about ministry things.
Where should I do walk up today? Who should I approach? Should I sit at this table and chat to them, or that table and chat to them?
Most of the time, there’s no right or wrong in these decisions (there could be some different mixed motivations going on, but besides that). They’re just options. Options that are mutually exclusive. You can’t do both… There’s only one of you, and we can’t reverse time (yet).
So just choose one!!!
Stop feeling guilty about what might happen if you choose one and you find out later that the other one would have been better!
1. Can you find out which one will be better now? Yes? Find out and make a decision.
2. No? Then you can’t be held responsible for your…

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