A key to identifying and recruiting leaders

Making Disciples, Transforming Communities

BibleI’ve been reading through the book of Acts and continue to be amazed at how the early church was planted.  Early on Paul and Barnabas would go into a foreign town and share the Good News.  Some would respond positively, others negatively–sometimes even stoning the guys!  They’d stay only so long, they’d bless some elders–to whom they gave the oversight of the fledgling church–and move on.

One of the realities of church development is that leadership is key to any church planting or revitalization effort.  And we on Indiana’s UM Church Development team know how challenging it is to find and train good leaders.  It’s because of this that our team has devoted so much energy the past few years to leadership development.  For example, through the Fruitful Congregation Journey process, the team, along with many others, have trained leaders from over 200 congregations!  This training hasn’t been a simple workshop…

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