How to avoid thought-sin (i.e. thinking things you shouldn’t think)…


We mostly think of sins as actions; speaking lies, stealing, adultery, etc. We sometimes think of sins as attitudes; hate, rebellion, lust, ungratefulness, etc.
But those attitudes don’t need physical actions to become sin. Our minds dwell on them, dream about them, reflect on them, etc. That is, there is a type of thought-action we do… We sin by thinking things we ought not to think.
So, how does one stop coveting, lusting, how angry they are, how someone hurt them?
“Don’t think about it” is as good a technique as “don’t do it” heh?
One suggestion is to come up with a list (during a moment of strength) of things you enjoy thinking about that are sin thought-sin. It could be tennis, make-up, fairies, volcanoes, theory of relativity, anything.
And when you start thinking things which you ought not think about, pull open that list in your mind, and…

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