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the archives near Emmaus

Published just today is an article on Pope Francis in Forbes (here). It is an interesting read, especially coming from a business publication. The points of the article are

Francis is . . .

  • making it easier for ambitious people to value simplicity.
  • changing how we distinguish between “important people” and “unimportant” ones.
  • reintroducing a healthy tension between the concept of virtue and the practice of capitalism.
  • drawing a dividing line between high status and good character.

These are not the sole property of Pope Francis. Others throughout history have lived out the above as well. Most recently people like Teresa of Kolkata and Maggie Gobran of Cairo come to mind. From a Catholic point of view, these are things taught in the Mass, which is our highest form of worship and which embodies the theology of the Catholic church.

Of course, the points mentioned above are found…

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