Molly Worthen’s Definition of “Evangelicals”

the archives near Emmaus

I’ve read many definitions of “evangelical” and “evangelicalism” over the years: some focused on a doctrinal/theological center, some on shared cultural values and religious practices, but never on the pursuit of shared questions. In a recent interview Molly Worthen summarizes her understanding of evangelicals as follows:

“…evangelicals are Protestants who since aftermath of the Reformation have been circling around three questions. Those questions are: First, how do you reconcile faith and reason? How do you maintain one coherent way of knowing? Second, how do you become sure of your salvation? How do you meet Jesus and develop a relationship with him, to use the language that some evangelicals prefer. And third, how do you reconcile your personal faith with an increasingly pluralistic, secular public sphere?”

The full interview can be read here: The Intellectual Civil War within Evangelicalism.

Now, given that she wrote a whole book on the subject it…

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