My first semester in seminary is coming to a close.  I have the daunting task of submitting my first graduate paper in Turabian format.  I must admit it is daunting to me….not familiar with the format and nervous about getting it right.  So many challenges to setting aside the time to prepare.  This first semester has taught me a lot about me.  I’m definitely where I need to be but i have to find MORE TIME…like a lot more…like way more to devote to this.  I’m asking God to show me where and what to cut to make room for this.  Probably the most important thing I’ve learned so far is that sacrificial giving is not just monetary.  God wants us to give up whats good in order to embrace the greatness He has prepared for us.  One of the things I’ve come to acknowledge (to my regret) is that sometimes pleasing “the people” has superseded pleasing God.  The obligations have taken the forefront.  I refuse to be discouraged I prefer to be enlightened so with this knowledge I can make positive changes. 


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