Short Book Review: Dunn’s The Christ and the Spirit, V. 2

the archives near Emmaus

Dunn, James D.G. The Christ and the Spirit, V. 2 (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1998).

Message of the Book:
This is the second volume of two books by James D.G. Dunn on the intersection of Christology and Pneumatology. This one focuses primarily on the latter subject. It is a compilation of Dunn’s essays from as early as 1970 to as late as 1994. The book is divided into five sections of twenty-three essays: General Essays, John the Baptist, Jesus and the Spirit, The Spirit in Acts, and The Spirit and Ecclesiology.

In General Essays we read Dunn’s thoughts on topics ranging from the Pneumatology of the New Testament to the Pentecostal understanding of Spirit-Baptism. It may be surprising to those who know Dunn primarily from his contribution to the New Perspective(s) on Paul to find a young scholar who was quite obsessed with Pneumatology, even to the point of sounding…

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