Reframing Charismata

the archives near Emmaus

Yesterday I discussed the five different views held by Christians on the modern relevance of the so-called charismatic gifts (see Charismata: five views). Obviously, this list presents common generalizations. Also, it ignores the less common view of say some liberal/progressive Christians who might argue that there has never been any such thing as charismatic gifts, now or among the earliest Christians. For those of us who entertain the idea that Christians have experienced and/or do experience the charismata let me present three areas of discussion that I think we may want to reframe.

(1) Longevity

Many Cessationists will affirm the idea that someone might be praying for healing and that while that person is praying God answers their prayer and heals. I don’t know any Cessationists who are outright anti-supernatural as if there was a time when God intervened in the cosmos, but now God has been completely shut…

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