Charismata: five views

the archives near Emmaus

I’m not interested in discussing the pros and cons of the Strange Fire Conference organized by John MacArthur, but as I watched people react to it across various social media platforms it got me thinking about my own understanding of the Charismata, or spiritual gifts. On Facebook Carson T. Clark made this observation:

Regarding the positions on the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit, I see a spectrum: 

1. Cessationist 
2. Cautious but open 
3. Continuationist 
4. Charismatic 
5. Pentecostal 

This spectrum works for me. If I were to define these five views I’d say (1) Cessationists teach that individuals are not endowed with particular gifts of the Spirit such as healing, prophecy, etc. This does not mean that they deny miracles in general, or that one might be used to prophesy on rare occasions, but that people do not receive these gifts as something permanent (or even long…

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