My top 5 favourite books on preaching


Preaching is so hard and so important that anyone who preaches should want to be as good at it as they can be.

But being “good at it” is tough. What does that even mean? It doesn’t simply mean “biblically and exegetically faithful”, though surely it includes that. And it doesn’t just mean “rhetorically captivating”, though we probably wouldn’t mind being just a bit more like that.

Here are my favourite books on the art and craft of preaching. They might not be the technically best books on preaching (though some of them might be up in that category), but they are certainly my 5 favourite at this exact moment in time.

1) Biblical Preaching by Haddon Robinson – buy it here

This book covers the whole lot from why we preach in the first place to understanding the passage to putting the sermon together to the physical act of…

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