Helen K. Bond on Social Memory and Dating the Death of Jesus

the archives near Emmaus

For those who haven’t already seen, Helen Bond has an excellent article in the most recent New Testament Studies (59.4, pp. 461–475) entitled “Dating the Death of Jesus: Memory and the Religious Imagination,” in which she critiques the general scholarly consensus of the dating of Jesus’ death to Friday, April 7, 30 CE.

Bond’s thesis, in a nutshell, is this:

The tradition known to John placed Jesus’ death at the very moment that the lambs were sacrificed in the Temple, casting him as the new paschal lamb, whose death removed the sins of the world. A different tradition linked Jesus’ last meal to the Passover, so that the eucharistic commemoration of Jesus’ death now took the place of the Passover meal, and became the symbol of the new covenant between God and his people. This is the interpretation found in Mark and enhanced in the longer version of Luke…

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