be an agent of disorganisation

Complacency is a virus in an organisation. Love of the status quo is the first step towards becoming a museum of how a once-useful organisation used to do things. And the complacency virus quickly leads to worse strains, namely delusion and arrogance. And once you hit delusion and arrogance – that you do all things well and best – then you’re only a few steps away from complete organisational collapse.

The leader’s job is not to be the head and chief organiser. The leader’s job is to be the chief disorganiser. The leader’s job is to question everything. To be constantly sceptical that the way we currently do it is really the best way to get it done, or sceptical that what once was the best way is still the best way. To be vigilant in noticing how the organisation actually operates and what rules and laws, both explicit and…

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